TVPad Rivival 2016 – TVPad is Back!

BREAKING NEWS, May 2016 – TVPad Rivival 2016

A new TVPad PKG app has been released to revive TVPad1, TVPad2, and TVPad3! See links below.↓

In January 2016, TVPad was forced to shutdown all live streaming services due to a copyright infringement ruling in US district court. For us TVPad users, all hope was lost… The TVPad box became nothing but scrap metal… Until NOW! –> A new TVPad .pkg app has been released to raise the TVPad from the dead!

The new 2016 PKG app allows users to once again watch free live streaming TV. Channels available from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and others – 1000+ channels!

Download the pkg file here to revive your TVPad


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