Streaming Malaysia Singapore TV

Watch 138 channels of Live Streaming Malaysia and Singapore TV on your big screen TV from anywhere in the world for only $6.25 USD per month!

Try it for Free! Try our 24hr free trial before you decide to buy. Download the APK file here and contact Coco to give you a 24hr free trial code.

Keep up to the latest news and TV shows happening now in Malaysia and Singapore.
Viewing real-time broadcasts from Malaysia/Singapore will make you feel like you ARE in Malaysia/Singapore!

Below are the Malaysia and Singapore TV channels that are available ↓

Streaming TV - Malaysia Singapore1

Streaming TV - Malaysia Singapore2


You will need to install the live streaming Malaysia and Singapore TV app on their android TV box. The app is called “HQHD” with an annual fee of $75 USD (works out to $6.25 per month). The live streaming is very smooth and well worth it!

Not only can you watch Live Streaming Malaysia and Singapore TV, you can also watch: Japanese, Korean, China, India, and other live streaming programs.

The HQHD Android app from aliexpress:

HQHD APK review of HQHD APK app:

  • App was easy to install
  • Customer service was very quick! Always within a day (use “contact seller” link)
  • Video streaming quality is high quality and smooth
  • Malaysia and Singapore local time (internet time) and HQHD APK live streaming time showed a difference of about 3 minutes
  • Switching between channels took approximately 5 seconds


Andoid TV Box:

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