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How to watch live streaming Japanese TV : NHK総合, 日本テレビ, NHK教育, TBS, フジテレビ, テレビ朝日, テレビ東京, テレビ大阪, 読売テレビ, Jsports 1, 関西テレビ ↓

For all of you living outside of Japan, it is almost impossible to access good quality live streaming Japanese TV.
You can easily watch pre-recorded Japanese TV shows through Youtube or torrent sites, but it is rare to come across live streaming Japanese TV in real time. Even your local cable company does not broadcast live streaming Japanese TV.

Not may people are aware, but there is an amazing product  called the TVPad (latest version is TVPad4) which receives streaming video via your home internet connection, and outputs HD video to your TV though HDMI cable.

It enables you to watch HD live streaming channels from all over Asia in real time.
Stop struggling with low quality online streaming videos. Give TVpad a try, you will definitely be satisfied!


Here is an uncut demonstration of Live Japanese TV streaming right on your TV screen using the TVpad3:


Here are the lists of live Japanese channels streaming 24/7 on TVPad4

Using the “NIJI SHOW” App:

  • NHK
  • Nihon TV
  • NHK Educational channel
  • TBS
  • Fuji TV
  • TV Asahi
  • TV Tokyo
  • TV Osaka
  • Kansai TV
  • Yomiuri TV
  • J sports 1


The TVpad can be a little pricy… but once you buy one you can enjoy unlimited TV. All you need to pay is for your monthly internet bill. Owning a TVpad will reduce your monthly TV cable bill to $0 which in the long run makes it an economical solution.


New for 2015: TVpad4 m418

Consumer Alert – There are knockoffs circulating online called TVpad4 A18 from HTV.

I recommend buying the genuine TVpad4 m418 model shown below.


Buy TVPad4 m418 NOW!

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